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This brochure has been prepared by the Information Division, United States Army Garrison, Verdun, as a supplementary text in conjunction with the Verdun Battlefield briefing and tour given by this headquarters.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, readable text with accompanying maps for the visitor to become familiar with the events surrounding the Battle of Verdun. Historians and students of military history will likely find technical omissions, however, none have been omitted that would have a material effect on the account.

This headquarters is indebted to the exploratory research of Majors George S. Long and John F. Hunt, who began this project in 1959. This brochure was printed through the courtesy of the United States Army, Europe, Publications and Training Aids Center.

September 1962

Colonel, Infantry Commanding

NOTE: Layout of the original document was altered by to facilitate its use over the Internet.
(Al Nieder, 23 September, 2000.)

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