Volume 25 Encyclopedia Britannica -1960 Publication
Verdun, Illustrated Historical Guide  (ca.  1933) - H.  Fremont and Sons
Verdun, Guide Historique Illustre  (ca.  1933) - H.  Fremont and Sons
Verdun and Its Battle Fields - H.  Fremont and Sons
Foch, Man of Orleans - B.  H.  Liddel Hart
Strategy - B.  H.  Liddel Hart
Outlines of the World's Military History - W.  A.  Mitchell
A Political and Cultural History of Modern Europe - C.  J.  H.  Hayes
Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries (1789-1939) - A.  J.  Grant & H.  W.  V.  Temperley
A Short History of WWI - Brig.  Gen.  Sir James E. Edmonds

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