Date: Sat, 2 Sept 2000 
Subject: i am lost  
From: Claire E Wise

Was on a friend's computer and got into some?registry that let me type in a name. Brought up Doug Nelms; looking for all of you that were with Claire E. Wise 1953 to 1956 at Verdun before there was a "real" high school. We would have graduated 58-6?. Doug's name came up class of 60 in Okla, but I am brand spanking new on the internet and as of today really new. Now I can't figure out how to do all this and I am getting frustrated. Do have a short note on the web site Bill Harmon is in charge of. Keep getting cornered in places I have been and can't find how to do others. I have the first "annual" we did in 8th grade. Verdun added 9th grade which ws high school and then after I left the ensuing high school was added. I felt I got so close to names. There were so few of us and it seemed so many. Any infor to me is much appreciated. 
Thanks Claire