San Antonio Reunion October 2000
Photo Provided By Mary Tina Lindberg (Morgan)
Last Photo By Bob & Rosemary Harris
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Left To Right Back:  John Sargent & Frieda Norris.

Left To Right Front:  Kathy Dyer, Paula White, Larry Norris, Mary Tina Lindberg, Sandy Lang, Doug Shaeffer. 

Left To Right Back:  Bruce Riley, (Husband of Kathy Dyer) Kathy Dyer, Doug Shaeffer, Dean Kieborz.

Left To Right Middle:  John Sargent, Annette Fortner, Sandy Lang, Frieda & Larry Norris.

Left To Right Front:  Mary Tina Lindberg   

Left To Right:  Kathy Dyer, Mary Tina Lindberg, Flo Adams, Bill Lamb.
Left To Right: Bob Smith, Kathy Dyer, Mary Tina Lindberg & Part of Dean Kieborz.
Left To Right:  Sandy Lang & Bob Wheat 

Left To Right:  Rue Burgess, Cathy Wallis, Annette Fortner

Left To Right:  John Sargent, Kathy Dyer & Husband Bruce Riley.

Left To Right:  Mike Pence & Rae Van Fleet

Left To Right:  John Murrell & Rue Burgess

Left To Right:  Flo Adams, Doug Shaeffer & Bill Lamb
Left To Right:  Jim Wheat, Clint Adcock & Bob Towery.
This Picture by Bob & Rosemary Harris.

Left To Right:  Diane Borah, Cathy Wallas, Bob Harris
and Sherry Lane.

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