Photo Taken June 2000 In Boise, ID And Provided By Phil Emerson.
Left To Right:  Mary Lou Williams (Olsen) -  62, Mike Hicks -  62, Ted Molis - 62, 
Mary Marshall (Ward) - 62 & Phil Emerson - 64.  
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Photo taken summer 1999 at Bud Brannigan's home in Plymouth, MA. and provided
by Wes Timmons.
Standing left to right:    Russ Wapensky, Chrys Timmons, Wes Timmons,
Chris Sewell's Husband, Chris Sewell, Roby Robinson, and Bud Brannigan.
Front Row:  Mike Timmons, Col. Brannigan
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Bud Brannigan and his dad Col. Brannigan

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A Few Former Verdunite After Lunch In San Diego September 1999
Photo Assumed To Be Taken By Lloyd Marquis
Left To Right Rae Van Fleet (Marquis), Mike Rozga & Mary Tina Lindberg (Morgan

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