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1987 Dallas Reunion Teachers & Counselors Left to Right:
Doris Brackett, Janet Hodges Ransone, Wanda Bollier Hudson, Dona Sue Black Cool, Joan Parker, Bill Burgess, Firth Morris, Frank Alt, Bud Richardson, with Frank Pezzanite behind Wanda Bollier.

1987 Dallas reunion, Class of '63: Left To Right:
Back row: Craig Lentz, Henry Krombach, Robert Lane, Roxanne Priebe Whitmire, Rodney Thompson. Front row: Kitty Johnson Farnell, Rae Van Fleet Marquis, Mary Tina Lindberg Morgan, Fran Laakman, Jenny Ziegler Barnett, Sallie Hutchison Riedasch.

1987 Dallas reunion Left To Right 'Old' cheerleaders never die:
Mary Tina Lindberg Morgan, Connie Trampe, Deanna Curry, Sherry Lane, Diane Borah, Cheryl Sliker, Dee Anna Holzer.

1987 Dallas reunion Left to Right:
Cindy Voracek, Bob Lane, Mary Tina Lindberg Morgan, Craig Lentz, Kitty Johnson Farnell,
Randy Whitmire, Roxanne Priebe Whitmire.

2002 Reunion in France, behind the Ossuaire de Douaumont, Verdun's WWI Monument:
Anne Cox Hazlett, Annette Fortner Harris, Mary Tina Lindberg Morgan, Eugene Ravenscraft,
Trish Williams Wilson.

1987 reunion in Dallas: Unknown?, Chuck Kerr (Carnes), Glenn Blanton.

San Antonio Reunion, 2000, Saturday night dinner: Sandy Lang Zasadil, John Westerbeck,
Sherri Westerbeck.

2002 reunion in France:
One of the entrances to Fort Douaumont, part of the WWI Verdun battlefield.

2002 reunion in France at one of the villages, Fluery, destroyed during the battles of WWI:
Foreground: Ro Van Fleet Vaselaar, Chuck Stewart. Back right: Dee Rishebarger

2002 reunion in France & same village as above.  
Foreground: Roxie Priebe Whitmire, Cathy Wallis.  
Background: Barbara McDonald Burt, Wolfgang 'Pete' Murray, Karen Bowen.

2002 reunion in France during midnight bus ride from last metro stop in Paris to hotel:
From left to right clockwise: Mike and Cathy Pence, Anne Cox Hazlett at back of bus talking to Ro Van Fleet Vaselaar, Unknown? turning to look forward, Roxie Priebe Whitmire, Ken Childs.

2002 reunion in France Verdun's 'Trench of the Bayonets.' The bayonets are long gone. A huge concrete roof supported by large pillars now dominates the site, protecting the trench graves from further desecration. Left to right: Anne Cox Hazlett, Mary Tina Lindberg Morgan, Roxie Priebe Whitmire, Annette Fortner Harris.

2002 reunion in France - Paris, Arch de Triomphe: Roxie, Ken Childs, Mary Tina & Barbara.

2002 reunion in France - A very tight squeeze for a wonderful dinner at the Taverne du Sergent Recruteur, on l'Isle de Saint Louis, near Notre Dame: Cathy Pence, Anne Cox Hazlett, Connie Copeland Jones (apologies for the close up!).

2002 reunion in France - Same restaurant as above: Cathy Wallis, Suzie Litton Kelly, Timmy Thames.

2002 reunion in France - Area where village of Fluery once stood: Teachers Monica Wheeler, Phyllis Muska, Dona Sue Black Cool, and Barbara McDonald Burt, Chuck Stewart.

2002 reunion in France - Eugene Ravenscraft's wife, Pam, at the Cemetary next to the Ossuary.

2002 reunion in France - Roxie, Dona Sue, Mary Tina on steps of Le Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Paris.

San Antonio, 2000, Annette Fortner Harris, John Sargent

San Antonio, 2000, Left to right: John Sargent, Doug Shaeffer, Kathy Dyer Riley, Larry Norris, Frieda Norris, Bruce Riley, Sandy Lang Zasadil.

San Antonio, 2000, left to right: Doug Shaeffer, Bob Smith, Flo Adams Smith.