Information Provided By Dale &
Martha Griffin, Jerry Roberts & 
Pastor Charles G. Clary

Dale & Martha Griffin Writes - Roger was a very well known 
member of the class of 66 at Verdun American High School.  
He played football and basketball.  He was killed in Viet Nam.

Jerry Rogers Writes -  Roger Henson, class of 66, can be found on
the Vietnam Wall Memorial - Panel 32E Line 073.

Pastor Charles G. Clary has provided the following which was 
originally published as a letter to the editor in The Clarion-Ledger.

The voice on the radio transmission was wrought with emotion. 
It simply and painfully said, "Helicopter 463 has crashed and is 
burning.  All occupants are lost. Three are on the ground. 
One is still inside.  Get here quickly!"
Back in the United States Army's 25th Infantry Division, Troop D, 
3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry headquarters at Cu Chi, Vietnam, a 
hurried look at the Flight Schedule Board grimly reminded 
everyone that Jerry M. Robert of West Monroe, Louisiana was 
dead.  He was assigned as Crew Chief on the ill-fated flight.
Immediately, the number two Gun Team siren sounded.  
Within seconds the crew loaded and the chopper was 
air-borne. The pilot was granted permission by the Air Traffic 
Controller to break the normal flight pattern and to cut 
across the Chu Chi base camp.
"Clear left, Boom Boom", cried Crew Chief Jerry H. Robert.  
The pilot glanced back and excitedly shouted, "Robby, what 
are you doing on this helicopter?  Where's Hart?  Who's on 
4-6-3?" Pointing to the seat on his right, Jerry answered, 
"Hart's right there.  Roger Henson and his gunner took our 
place on 463."
An M-79 grenade had blasted away about one-fourth of the 
downed chopper's propeller.  The ominous cloud of black 
smoke belching out of it told the story.  The fire was finally 
extinguished and then came the hardest part.  Roger 
Henson's body must be removed from the aircraft.
It was mid-morning on December 27, 1967. Jerry and his 
gunner, John K. Hart of Mississippi, had flown missions all 
night and had just arrived back at the base.  Roger Henson 
went over to Jerry's bunk and said, "Robby, you and Hart 
have been flying night and day for the past week and a 
half on number one standby.  I haven't had to leave the 
base.  Why don't you let me and my gunner take number 
one standby on 463 for you and Hart for the day and let 
you get some rest?"
Within five minutes, the number one Gun Team siren went 
off.  Roger and his gunner hurriedly boarded Helicopter 463.  
There was absolutely no time to change the names on the 
Schedule Board.  Little did they know that this would be 
their last mission.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. on 
panel #32E line #73 reads, "Roger L. Henson".
And Jerry M. Robert today pays the highest tribute to the 
memory of the brave, young soldier, whom he says, 
"died in my place".
By Pastor Charles G. Clary 1
First Assembly of God
Post Office Box 675
Des Allemands, LA  70030
1Jerry M. Robert's former pastor.

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