Information Provided By Pat Davis.
Bill passed away February 9, 2000.  Unbelievably, a 
cancer he had in 1978 metastasized after all these 
years.  Three DNA tests proved it was the same cancer. 
Hepatitis C contracted during the same 1978 surgery 
contributed to his death.
Verdun proved to be a challenge as Bill tried to get 
supplies for the science department and I tried to raise 
a year old child in a house that was hard to keep 
heated and supplied with lights--the fuses were 
constantly melting. There were no supplies for the 
science department, so when it came time for grades
he gave everyone an "incomplete" because no 
experiments had been completed. That caught the 
parents' attention and within days he received enough
chemicals to supply the school for years.  
Bill had a great time taking the senior class on the 
class trip to Switzerland and we both enjoyed taking 
some of the kids to Paris for the Science Fair. As I 
remember, he and Jim Lucas coached the football 
team to a pretty successful season that year. I have 
some pictures showing them receiving some sort of 
trophy at a sports banquet.  We were there only one
year before moving on to Germany but all in all, 
it was a very interesting one. 
Addition Remembrance By Emalou Grable Rimel
in a letter to Pat Davis.
Dear Pat Davis,
Funny that I feel comfortable calling you Pat, but Mr.
Davis will always be Davis to a forever 16 year old 
in his class.  He was a wonderful educator.  Here I 
am almost 60 years old and I still remember him as 
one of the three most important teachers in my life.
He was the first to make me understand that I could
real original thoughts (at least original to me).  It was
very exciting...and he pushed us all to think.  If we
did, he acknowledged it , which was the very best
reward to receive.
During one lecture he talked about "Royal Orders"
(I don't remember the context).  Two friends and 
I spent the next night designing the "Royal Order
of the Pineapple" and presented it to him in the next
class.  He probably never mentioned it to you, but
we of the class that felt such affection for him 
enjoyed his reaction.  He always had a smile and a 
challenge for us.
Thank you for sharing him with us then and now.  
I am so sorry.
Doo Grable Now more formally known as
Emalou Grable Rimel. - Verdun 1958-1959
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