Information Provided By Yvonne Mace Sister Of Garry Mace:

Garry passed away Wednesday November 24, 2004.  Gary graduated from Verdun American High School with the class of 1960.  

Additional Information and remembrances provided by Mitch Mannin class of 1960.

I read on 12/5/04 that Gary Mace (Class of 60) passed away on November 24, 2004. From Dec. 1959 to May, 1959 Gary and I were roommates in the glory dorm days at Verdun.  Gary was a very quiet good guy.  He introduced me to an old girl friend from Highspire, PA named Helen who several years later married another old friend called "Juggs".  I got to talk to Gary in 1999 at the Dallas reunion with Overseas Brats.

I sure don't like these "golden years".   Garry was a good friend back then and I am very sad to hear the report of his passing.  I shall have good memories of our days when we all were younger and roaming the hills of Verdun.

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