From: Becky Powers
To: "''"
Subject: Former Student at Verdun HS
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 21:41:28 -0400


I'm Becky (Rebecca) Powers. I attended Verdun American High School in 1964-65 as a member 
of the seventh and eighth grade classes. I'm interested in locating some long lost friends; in 
particular, Karen Trevits and Frank Brewster. I would love hearing from anyone who attended 
during that time period.

Please add me to your mail list.

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Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 13:29:33 EDT
Subject: Verdun
My name is George Garriott. I didn't attend Verdun High like most of you.  I was born in Verdun in 59.  My 
father was in the Air Force then. But, when the US forces were ordered to leave France, I remained there 
after my father retired and decided to work for the US Embassy in Paris. We were stationed at 
Laon-Couvron Air force base.
I returned to Verdun in 73 to attend a French lycee there before moving on.  I resided in France until my 
20th birthday, then I joined the US Army.  My parents just recently passed away but I have been going 
to France a lot more than expected in the last 6 months. I am due to return to France this Labor Day. 
I visited what used to be the location of the US Hospital and High School. Both were torn down 
during the 70's to make room for other purposes.  Sorry for my "blabla." It feels good to be able to 
communicate with those that shared a similar life. You feel privileged with such an experience but 
yet abandoned.
Thank you and hope to here from you
George Garriott
Dallas, TX