TO -
FROM: (Kathy Davis)
Subject: My Dad
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007 

I am sending this to you so that you might post it for those who I don't normally correspond with that my Dad, Harold E Davis (aka) Hal Davis, died December 28th from Cancer. He was 86. My Dad was the program director for AFN in Verdun, and the one who arranged for all of us to get the Casey Kasem Countdown each week. He also taught several of us in Verdun how to bowl. He organized a bowling league for us so we had a time spot every week, if we wanted to go. My Dad was a WWII and Korea War Veteran, and will be buried at Quantico on January 3rd, with full honors. Dad retired from the Army, and went directly to Verdun as a Civilian working for the Army. There is a beautiful video at the funeral home website, if anyone is interested. There is also a guestbook that can be signed online.

Thank You,

Kathy Davis

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 13:13:37 EST
Subject: From: Katherine "Meredith" Viator - 1964 Graduate of VAHS 

Today is February 21, 2007. Anyone out there? I could only pull up 2001 letters. My e-mail is Please anyone who graduated around 63 or 64, contact me. I read the e-mail from Mr. Goldstein. I was there. Are you still here with us? Contact me. I desperately need to find Deloroes Jones. She married Jimmy Stokes. Her brother was Larry Jones. If anyone is interested, I found Priscilla Talbot, Deanna Klump and now I desperately need Dee. Help!!!!!!!!!