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Subject: Looking for sibling 
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 18:20:09 -0800 
I did not attend VAHS.  However, my father was stationed in Verdun during WWII 
(possibly '44-'46).  I am interested in locating a half brother who was born there, 
but no contact was made.  All I know is that his name is Simon Pierre and his mother's 
name is Violette (LNU).  He would have been born in '45 or '46.
If anyone can help with places to contact or suggestions, please contact me.
Finding this site pulled together many names of towns my father mentioned .



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Subject: Etain Air Base 
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 19:09:56 +0100 
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Iím a lieutenant colonel of the French army aviation on Etain air base 
(3rd assault helicopter battalion), the former USAF base where several wings were 
assigned by the end of the 50ís.  Iím looking for photography of this period or witnesses 
in order to realise the history of the base since the Second World War. 
If you know somebody having some photography, please give me an email address or a 
link to an appropriate website.

Best regards

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 12:44:10 -0700 (PDT) 
From: Teri Pawlowski <> 
Subject: Etain/Verdun 


I did not attend school in Etain or Verdun. However, I was born in Etain
in April 1960 to a French woman and an American service man and placed for
adoption in the states around 1962 or 1963. My birth certificate reads Etain
Verdun sur Meuse. I am having trouble finding information on the area.
What is the relationship of Etain and Verdun? Can anyone share with me
details about the area or pictures they may have. I would appreciate
anything you can share.

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Subject: Class of 66


My name is Sarah Fair. I graduated in 66.

We drove through Verdun in '82. We stopped and walked around the school grounds. It felt very
special to sit on the bench in front and show my family where I spent my senior year. Really not 
too much of change--just needed all of us sitting on the steps. We visited the Ossuary on the way
to Etaine. The town was just the same. We had wonderful bread from the bakery. We found my 
old home in the off base housing. Of course, the Air Force Base is home to the French forces.

I still have the hand written poem from John Powell. Anyone missing "fruit loops" from their shirts, 
I still have them too!!!  I met Michele Greve (66) and her husband at the Air Force Academy in 1968
or 1969.  I visited Hoss (Horace) Toponce (67) in Canyon City, Colorado a few years ago. Hoss has a
real estate agency.

My son found this site!!  He is a Military Brat too (Berlin American High)!! We Brats had a very 
special lifestyle.  I would not trade my Brat experiences for anything.  I think of Verdun High 
classmates and my special friends - Joyce Cassidy, Liz Valdeverona, and Betty Cayting - often and 
hope they are well and happy.

I now live in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Sarah Fair Tapee

Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 14:47:43 -0500
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Subject: Verdun, etc.

I was stationed with the 249th Engineers at Etain 1964-65, until DeGaulle kicked us out of France.
We wound up in Karlsruhe, Germany.  While at Etain I visited the historical sites, but I also often
had to go the hospital complex, where the H.S. was, for training and other duties.  I thought it was
a fantastic facility.  But I wonder if you remember the name of the little abandoned village nearby
that was off-limits to us GI's because there was still poisonous gas in it from WWI?  It was on the
same side of the Verdun Road as the hospital.
Good luck to all of you.  Thanks for any information you may be able to share.
Bil Walsh
Silver Spring, MD
P.S. Did you ever visit Ft. Douamont and the other places?

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Subject: Verdun !  The 56th. General
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 18:11:55 -0500
Bill,   As a introduction,,,I did not attend VAHS but was a medic at the 56th. from 65 until the 
"End" in 67.  Fell in love with the town and its people. I have been trying to locate others that were 
stationed at the 56th during that period with little success ! Only 4 so far. Exchanged e-mails with 
Craig Lentz, he suggested that it might be possible to post a mass mailing on your site and ask if 
there are any Verdun based "brats" that may have any info or names.   If this might be possible 
I would really appreciate your help and input.  

Thanks,,,,Randall Kiser., 

After thought ! Will be in Atlanta in July,,,would it be appropriate to "drop-in"  the reunion?