Bill Harmon

To: <> 
Subject: The ghosts of Verdun 
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 13:25:44 -0800 

First let me say that this is a beautifully done site!  Now, I lived in the dorm Monday through Friday 
for one semester as US troops were leaving France.  Ghosts were pretty much accepted, especially 
in room 54.  But one night in my room I opened my eyes to see a small woman watching me from 
near the end of the bed. Slowly she faded, and no, it wasn’t a dream.  She was wearing a grey suit 
and hat, and when I told my mother about this over 20 years later, she said she believed that I had 
described a WWI nurses uniform.  If anyone has any other tales or information about the lady I saw 
I’d appreciate an E-mail at MCNALLY@OTN.NET

From: "Harris, Annette F MVD" <>
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Subject: Verdun CD
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 11:37:38 -0600
John, I've scanned my '62 Verdun annual and saved it to a CD.  If anyone has
lost their '62 annual and would like a copy, I'll be glad to send them one.
Maybe nobody would be interested, but I just thought I'd offer.
Annette  Fortner Harris ('64)

From: "Sherrie Croft (Fleming)" <>
To: <>
Subject: former verdunite
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 10:11:47 -0700
Dear John,
Recently, I stumbled onto this web page and was so tickled to learn that there were so many of my 
former classmates who felt connected to VAHS as I.  I was a dorm-student from 1964-1967.  
In January of my Senior year we moved to Langen, Germany as a result of the military exodus from 
France.  I actually graduated from Frankfurt High, but my heart was always with my friends at Verdun.
Two of my brothers were also dormmies:  Jim, from '64-'67;  and Bob as a freshman in 1967.  My 
brother Bob passed away in 1972 after a long battle with Hodgkins disease.  Jim now lives with his 3 
boys in Yuba City, Ca..  Please add my address to your pages as I would like to communicate with my 
friends from Chaumont and Verdun High.
Thanks to all of you for initiating and maintaining this page for the rest of us.  
It is one of the best and most interesting I have found.       
Thank You,

Sherrie Croft (Fleming)

Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 10:34:37 -0700 (MST)
We are trying to arrange a reunion for the US Army veterans that were
stationed at the 56th General Hospital.  We were wondering if you have
an overhead photo of the whole hospital compound that we could put in
our remembrance brochure.  We would appreciate any photos that you could
email of the hospital.  Military pay wasn't that great at the time and
most of us did not have a camera.  Any help would be appreciated.  I was
the ranking NCO, just a SGT E-5, at the very end in 1967.  We lived in a
warehouse for 2 months, helping to ship out all of the remaining
material.  We were the last to leave.  We loved the hospital and the
citizens of Verdun were very kind to us at the end.  It was a shame we
were never allowed to meet with any of the students but you know Army
regulations and all.  I remember Col. Strong (Dental Unit) had a son
going to the High School but he was the only student I ever knew.  Thank
you for great web site.
                            Leon Ceniceros
                            SGT E-5, Registrar
P.S.  If any one has an old menu from the golf course hamberburger
joint....please scan and email...would love to include that in our
brochure...thanks again.

From: "Dona Cool" <
Subject: Purple Ribbons
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 21:58:49 -0500
Subject: Purple Ribbons

A movement has been started like that from Desert Storm.  During Desert Storm we tied 
yellow ribbons anywhere we could.

Well, now the movement is to tie purple ribbons the same way. This is for two reasons.

   1.  In remembrance of not only the firefighters, police officers, paramedics who have died, 
       but also for all who have died in this terrible tragedy.

   2.  Just as in the military, when a serviceman get injured, he is given the Purple Heart. 
        Well, our country has been injured to its core.

Please pass this on to everyone you know, and let's see purple ribbons everywhere.

From: "CLG MORCENX" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 13:44:59 +0200
Chers américains
Nous sommes collégiens au collège de Morcenx dans le sud-ouest de la France. 
Nou avons appris votre tragédie qui nous a fait beaucoup de peine . Nous espérons 
que cela ne déclenchera pas une guerre mondiale.  Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup 
de courage ,et nous vous donnons toute notre sympathie.

Delphine , François et Cindy
Translated As Follows:
Dear Americans
We are college students at Morcenx in the South-West of France.  We learned of the 
tragedy that caused us pain.  We hope that this will not start a world war.  We wish 
you lots of courage, and we send our sympathy. 

Delphine , François et Cindy

To: "W.L. (Bill) Harmon" ,>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 10:23:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ro Vaselaar <>
Subject: msg from Verdun city officials

Bill,  I rec'd this message from the Verdun City official who spoke to us in Dallas, and who is my 
contact there for our reunion next year.  Jean Paul Mathieu.  Thought it might be nice to share it 
on the web-site.  Also, will get to you soon a current list of those going on the trip.  We've been 
away for a month and I'm trying to wade though all the mail and e-mails...not an easy task with 
my eyes and heart glued to the TV.

Pray all is well with you and yours.   Ro

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 23:29:45 +0200

Dear Friends,
We would like to express our deepest sympathy for the tragedy hitting you.
We do hope none of you or your beloved have been involved, and we keep you in our 
thoughts and our prayers.
             God Bless America,
                                         The Mathieus in Verdun
Please, keep us posted !

To: <> 
Subject: Search for Freshmen class members  of '66-67 
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 20:18:30 -0400 


I found our (vahs) website. I was looking for information on WWI.  My grandfather fought there in 
1918.  That's how I found it.

I am Cary Shelton, I attended VAHS for about 3/4 of my freshman year         
("66-67).  The year of the NATO pull-out from French soil.  I am trying to find fellow class members, 
as well as members of the football team and the band.  If you have any information on members 
of this class, please E-mail it to me.  There a few people I would really like to talk with, they are:

Tommy Davis - ended up at K-town in 67-68
Ben Valdevarona - also ended up at K-town 67-68
Jean Groover ( ? spelling) - last saw her at English class 3/67
James K. Ritter - Sr. class of 67
Robert (Bob) Strong - Sr. class of 67

Cary E. Shelton
3713 White Oak Drive
Hopewell, VA 23860

From: (N. Alan Moak)
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 20:32:26 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: new address
I have retired from practicing law, and moved to 3097 So 12th Road,
Humansville, MO. 65674.  my phone number is 417-754-8521.  E-mail
address, or  has any body heard from

Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 19:06:43 -0500
From: HBN <>
Subject: U.S.S. General W.A. Mann
Hello Bill:
I came across your web site and was amazed by it.  I am a service brat
that was transported along with the rest of the family to Japan from
Seattle in 1957 on the U.S.S General W.A.Mann (T-AP 112).  My Dad is
retired Air Force and the Mann took us to a 3-year overseas assignment
to Yokota AB.
I occasionally check the internet for information about the MSTS and was
very interested by your site and the information you've put together.
I've been trying to find out more about the Mann and what became of her
and have had some success.  I was wondering if you could help me with
determing her current status?  From what I've been able to gleen from
official Navy and Reserve Fleet web sites I've been able to find out
that this ship was decommissioned sometime in the mid 1960's and went to
the Naval Reserve Fleet in New Jersey.  What I can't find out is what
her current status is and am wondering if this ship still exists or,
hopefully not, has been scrapped.  It's my understanding that the Mann
has quite a service record beginning in W.W.II and I've been real
interested in finding out what has happened to her.  I'd appreciate any
help you might be able to offer.
Thank you.
Henry Nennstiel
Metropolis, IL

If anyone has any additional info about the Gen Mann please pass that info along
to Henry.

VAHS WebMaster

From: "Dan Stachurski" <> 
To: "W.L. Bill Harmon" <> 
Subject: Re: Photo... 
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 13:21:22 -0400 

The VAHS site is really superb -- beautifully designed, organized, and accompanied by great
sound, plus it's easy to use.  I find that, now, when I travel, I carry a printout of the directory 
pages with me just in case I end up in an area where some of our alumns live.  Funny that 
after 40 years "going home" means visiting this website and, from there, visiting with our 
friends, either by email or in person.  Keep up the great work!
REPLY 06/08/2001
Dan, thanks for your kind words.  I do get help with the site which by the way I view as 
something that belongs to all of us that attended Verdun.  While there is not an official VAHS 
alumni organization with elected officers John Everley would be the unofficial President 
and has dedicated countless hours to our unofficial organization.  Anyone that has ever 
had any involvement with any of the reunions has also dedicated countless hours as well.  
Also, Kathy Davis has taken the responsibility of helping me with the WEB site by checking 
links, my spelling and much more.  She has also been very active at finding Lost Verdunites.   
There is an easy way to print out a well organized list.  
Open your connection to the internet.  
Using MS Excel open a new spreadsheet.
Click on:
  Get External Data
  New Web Query
Box will open...
Where do you want to put data?
  =$A$1  (Should Already Be The Default)
Click 'OK"
Wait for data to load into spreadsheet.  Will take 2 minutes or more depending on connection speed.
Data will now be loaded into spreadsheet and is now very easy to edit and print.
The same can be done if you are using Lotus and the data can also be loaded into almost any 
database.  Mailing labels can be made in minutes with the data loaded into Excel, Lotus or a 
Once you have the spreadsheet save it and it will only take minutes to update it from time to time.
Bill Harmon

To: (John Everley)
Subject: VAHS Data Base
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 13:31:01 EDT


My name is Arnold Goldstein. I was the Guidance Counselor at Verdun HS from
1962-64. Please add my name to the data base.
900 East Bay Dr. NE A-301  Olympia, WA. 98506  360.352.9893.
After I left Verdun I moved to Orleans HS as an Asst. Principal and stayed
till "Le Grand Charles," closed out our bases in 1967.
After several promotions and assignments I retired in1994 having spent 36
great years with the DoD schools.

From: Patty Oliver <>  
To: "''" <
Subject: VERDUN 
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 15:34:07 -0500 

Hi, My name is Patty(Pat) Giordano/Oliver. I think most people knew me as Pat way back then. 
My address is 17070 Co. Rd. 33 Fairhope, Al. 36532 Phone# 334-928-3700 I sent the e-mail for my 
sister, Lorraine. She is buying a computer this week due to this web site. Thank you for doing what 
my husband (Don) and I have failed to do. 

I remember Elaine Thornton was a class mate of mine as was Jessie Gonzalas. Have you any word
on them? I left in 1963 and would love to see a year book from that year. Does anyone have one or 
know where I can get one? Of the four of us none of us has one from that year. I will have my brother
Ron send his info. We are trying to talk our spouses into the trip next year. Save us room. We're 
pretty good with the lower lip routine. 

Thanks again for this site, 


From: "Doug Mullins" <
To: <
Subject: Former Student Date: 
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 19:19:02 -0500

My dad went to Verdun American High School in 1958,1959, and 1960. His name is Eugene Parks 
Ravenscraft and he is currently serving as 1st Sgt of the 3/153d Infantry Battalion attatched to the 
7th CAV in Bosnia. 
His Home address is 131 Columbia 61 Magnolia, AR 71753

His current Bosnia email is

Would you include my dad in the alumni list?

Thank you for your help, 
Shelly (Ravenscraft) Mullins

Thank You...Your Dad Has Been Added!
vahs webmaster

Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 09:43:43 EST
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Dear Bill 

Kathy Davis found me on the web while searching the name Verdun. I
am proud to say I was born in Verdun and I too have been searching for  
people who were affiliated with the Army Base.  I worked at the Library in
1963 and taught French at the Education Center in 1964. The web Verdunites
Kathy sent me is a great help. I have recently located the editor of the Base
newspaper ( 1964 ) who lives in Savannah Ge.  My family still lives in
France, my mother still in Verdun. If anyone knows the whereabout of  a coach
and instructor named George Cherilla ( 1964 ) please let me know. 

Thank you so much   

Jacqueline Keeffe

From: "margaret thibert" <> 
To: <> 
Subject: verdun american school 
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 20:47:53 -0600 
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I went to verdun american school before the high school was added.  When I lived in Verdun, 
1954, 55, and 56, the junior high was added.  Is anyone from those years around?  

Margie Morris Thibert