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To: undisclosed list       
Subject: Bad News
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 15:20:58 EST

Hi Folks,

While out here in Scotsdale visiting my kids I decided to make a few

phone calls.  I had been in touch off and on by e-mail with Carole McCutchan
up until about March 2000.  Then I got nothing more.  I figured that I had
probably said something that irritated her and she decided to hit the delete
button on me.   I knew she moved to Winterhaven Fl and was teaching adult ed.
 I decided to call her dad and see where she had moved to.  He told me me
that she died of heart attack (alone) in Fl in Aprill 2000.  I was shocked!
I don't know where she is buried because I didn't get that far.  It is
important that we stay in touch and have someone notify those of good friends
if something happens to us.  You know I don't even remember who her roommate
was or who else to notify.  Maybe y'all can help out.  

Love Tim


From: "John Everley" <>
Subject: Found Verdunite
Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 21:32:08

Please place something on the web site about Tom Hampker having had a heart attack
several weeks ago.  He had angioplasty with a stent on one artery.  Then he found out
that he had colon cancer also.  He will face an operation (or several) with Chemo-Therapy.
If you wish to sent Tom a card here's the new address;
4120 Windsor Gate Place
Virginia Beach, VA  23452
Telephone 757-631-7220



From John Everley:
Subject: Barbara Duros Werner

A note of saddness! I have learned that Barbara Duros Werner's husband passed 
away a couple of weeks ago. Bill was ill for some time with a kidney problem. 



From: "Debiec, Deborah"
Subject: DoDDS Graduates Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 12:58:32 +0100


The Heidelberg District has created a "DoDEA Wall of Fame" for all DoDDS/DDESS 
graduates. This wall celebrates all our graduates' successes. Would it be possible to 
"post" this message on your web site? We invite graduates to send us an 8X10 color 
photo with their name, their school, year of graduation, and their current job title/position to:

Superintendent of Schools DoDDS Heidelberg District Unit 29237 APO AE 09102

Thank you. Deborah Debiec Secretary


I am sorry to report the 4 November 1999 passing of Alice Marie Mannin wife of 
John Mitchell Mannin Class of 1960.  Alice Marie Manning lived in Boca Raton. Fl. 
and was a staunch Falcons supporter having attended our reunions.